Toronto Chickens

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The backyard hen issue has gone to roost — for now.

On Wednesday, the city’s licensing and standards committee voted to “defer indefinitely” a request to study the feasibility of allowing backyard chickens in Toronto.

Residents are already raising hens on their property for their eggs, and advocates say it makes sense to legalize a practice that is in lockstep with the growing local food movement.

The committee heard from a number of hen supporters, including an urban food writer, a public health researcher and two Grade 9 brothers who joined a club in their high-school dedicated to changing the city bylaw. “Our generation is really into knowing where food comes from,” said Matthew Patel, who goes to Upper Canada College and has four hens at home.

Lorraine Johnson, author of City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing, said Toronto does not have to forge a new path, it can…

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